Online Class in Department of Astronomy in the 2020 S semester


All the classes in Department of Astronomy in the 2020 S semester will be set up online at least at the beginning of April. we will establish the online system with checking access problems and its efficiency, maybe through trial and error. Let the teachers know without being upset even if you cannot connect to your online class or if you find any problem on this matter.

  1. Please check the following URL and read in advance about the information needed to prepare for taking online class.
  2. The URL address on each lecture is informed on “Online Class URL” which is at the bottom of “Detailed Information” page of each syllabus on UTAS. Since these URL can be changed without letting you know in advance, so please access from the URL on UTAS every time you take an online class.
  3. Time table and information on each class can be checked on this PDF.
  4. If you cannot connect to the online class successfully, please contact the class teacher by email which address is attached in the “Contact address to the teachers” shown below. It might not be solved during class, but it will be fixed later on.
  5. If you have any difficulties, on taking online class, such as PC and network problem, please let us know by sending an email to:
  6. Recording and uploading the online class are prohibited to prevent an infringement of copyrights.

  Contact with lecturers

Course CodeDay, PeriodCourse NameLecturerContact e-mail
35604-0021Mon 2Solar Physics, Advanced Course IHirohisa
35604-0008Mon 3Celestial Mechanics, Advanced Course IIIToshio
35604-0017Tue 2Theoretical Astrophysics, Advanced Course IIMichiko
35604-0049Tue 3High Energy Astronomy, Advanced Course IVHajime
35604-0012Wed 2Optical Infrared Astronomy, Advanced Course IIJohn

Note — send an e-mail to if you have general questions about the online classes.