Jungmi Kwon


  Jungmi Kwon

Research Field(s)

Star and Planet Formation, Interstellar Physics, Astrobiology

Research Subjects and Keywords

Multi-wavelength astronomy and instrumentations for the above research fields

Overview of Researches

The study of formation and evolution of stars and planets is a key research field in Astronomy. With multi-wavelength polarization observations, which enable us to obtain the information on circumstellar structures and magnetic field structures, we are revealing the formation and evolution of stars and planetary systems. Especially, by conducting the first systematic circular polarimetric observations that are quite unique in the world, we are also approaching the origin of homochirality, which is a special feature of life on Earth. For this purpose, we are doing the development and design of a polarimeter for 1-m class to 8-m class ground-based and space-borne telescopes.

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