Hongo Groups


  Department of Astronomy, Hongo Campus

Many staffs in various institutes, as listed below, take part in
research and education in Department of Astronomy.

Members in Department of Astronomy, Hongo Campus

NamePositionResearch Field
Tomonori TotaniProfessorAstrophysics
Motohide TamuraProfessorExoplanet Astronomy
Yuri AikawaProfessorstar and planet formation, interstellar physics
Nobunari KashikawaProfessorEarly Universe, Galactic Astronomy
Kazuhiro ShimasakuAssociate ProfessorGalactic Astronomy
Hideyuki UmedaAssociate ProfessorTheoretical Astrophysics
Michiko FujiiAssociate ProfessorTheoretical Astrophysics/Computational Astrophysics
Masao TakataAssistant ProfessorAstrophysics
Noriyuki MatsunagaAssistant ProfessorOptical/infrared Astronomy
Kenji FuruyaAssistant ProfessorInterstellar Physics

Leaflet on Department of Astronomy (Hongo groups)

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