Staffs for Graduate Program


The following lists include research staffs who can be supervise graduate students.

This link gives more details on staffs in Department of Astronomy in Hongo campus,
while details on those in other institutes shall be found in the following links.

  Department of Astronomy, The University of Tokyo

NamePositionResearch Field
Tomonori TotaniProfessorAstrophysics
Motohide TamuraProfessorExoplanet Astronomy
Yuri AikawaProfessorstar and planet formation, interstellar physics
Nobunari KashikawaProfessorEarly Universe, Galactic Astronomy
Kazuhiro ShimasakuAssociate ProfessorGalactic Astronomy
Hideyuki UmedaAssociate ProfessorTheoretical Astrophysics
Michiko FujiiAssociate ProfessorTheoretical Astrophysics/Computational Astrophysics

  Research Center for the Early Universe (RESCEU), The University of Tokyo

Toshikazu ShigeyamaProfessorTheoretical Astrophysics

  Institute of Astronomy, The University of Tokyo

NamePositionResearch Field
Kotaro KohnoProfessorRadio Astronomy
Takashi MiyataProfessorInfrared Astronomy
Takeo MinezakiProject ProfessorInfrared Astronomy
Naoto KobayashiAssociate ProfessorAstrophysics
Shigeyuki SakoAssociate ProfessorInfrared Astronomy
Fumi EgusaAssociate ProfessorRadio Astronomy
Itsuki SakonAssociate ProfessorInfrared Astronomy

  Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo

NamePositionResearch Field
Takeru SuzukiProfessorTheoretical Astrophysics

  Kavli IPMU, The University of Tokyo

NamePositionResearch Field
John D. SilvermanProfessorObservational Cosmology

  National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

NamePositionResearch Field
Mamoru DoiProfessorGalactic Astronomy
Ryohei KanoProfessorAstrophysics
Eiichiro KokuboProfessorTheoretical Astrophysics
Takayuki TomaruProfessorGravitational Wave Astronomy
Misato FukagawaProfessorRadio Astronomy
Mareki HonmaProfessorRadio Astronomy
Kentaro MotoharaProfessorInfrared Astronomy
Yukio KatsukawaProfessorSolar Physics
Takeshi OkudaAssociate ProfessorRadio Astronomy
Fumitaka NakamuraAssociate ProfessorTheoretical Astrophysics
Bunyo HATSUKADEAssociate ProfessorRadio Astronomy

  Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

NamePositionResearch Field
Ken EbisawaProfessorX-ray Astronomy
Yutaro SekimotoProfessorRadio Astronomy
Hajime KawaharaAssociate ProfessorExoplanets, Data Astronomy